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Buildpeer is the platform where the construction team comes together to collaborate and share information in real time.


Upload all type project files, share them with stakeholders, and choose your desired level of privacy. Additionally, create folders and subfolders to organize information systematically.


View and edit project blueprints, make annotations, add labels, and connect annotations with other modules and involved users.

Daily Reports

Effortlessly generate progress reports for construction according to your desired frequency: daily, weekly, or monthly.

RFIs (Queries)

Enables users to instantly log technical or any type of questions for receiving clear and organized responses.


Create and assign specific tasks with set deadlines to team members, enabling clear tracking of the progress and status of each one.


Allows for keeping a record of the relevant information discussed during a meeting in a single document.


Enables users to store photos and videos of the construction work, creating a record with the capability to export as a PDF report.


Keep track of your project to ensure compliance with standards and quality in all inspections.

Centralized Communication

Everything in one place

Store and share all the information about your project in one place. Work with the latest version of your blueprints and forget about rework or wasting time on the job site.

Unified Communication

Everyone on the same page

Connect the office and the field with real-time communication tools. Additionally,with our integrated translation feature, we facilitate seamless communication among international teams.

Challenge in the Construction Industry

According to the latest KBKnowledge ConTech report, employee resistance stands at 35.4% as a notable obstacle in the adoption of new technologies.

How Buildpeer solves it?

Getting Started Quickly, no time loss

Our key lies in a one-on-one integration process. We offer comprehensive training of no more than 1 hour and constant support, ensuring the knowledge necessary for maximizing the use of Buildpeer from the very beginning.

User-friendly interface

At Buildpeer, we take a user-centric approach to streamline construction project management. Our intuitive interface ensures a significant boost in productivity for your entire team, whether in the office or in the field.

For everyone involved in the Construction Industry

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Real Estate Developers
Property Managers

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"Buildpeer is so easy to use; I can find everything so quickly..."

Brandon Soto, Architect at Portico.

"It became so simple to find everything.
The improvement in tracking and communication was evident."

Architect Enrique Rousseau Alanis,
Head of Rousseau Architects.

No mas papeles ni Whatsapp!

Beneficios de


  • Diseño

     Navega tu proyecto fácilmente esta bien! El diseño intuitivo es parte de nuestro valor agregado. Revisen copy's y si algo se complementa pueden agregar. 

  • Organización 360

    Project management hecho fácil. esta igual bien el visual peropueden complementar con lo de la landing de “Todo en un solo lugar, todos en el mismo canal.

  • Almacena y comparte 

    Todos tus planos de construcción, documentos y fotos en la nube. ¡Evita retrabajos y errores trabajando siempre con las versiones más recientes! 

  • Conecta

    La oficina y el campo con herramientas de comunicación en tiempo real. Asigna tareas a los miembros del equipo y solicita información de una manera rápida e intuitiva. 

"Ahora con Buildpeer ya no usamos pizarrones para administrar la obra.Ahora puedo revisar el progreso de mis proyectos donde sea con la aplicación y está todo almacenado en la nube."
- Antonio Alva
Supervisor de Obra
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